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Dear Sir or Madam,

Authors and Readers of the Dissertations of the Cultural Landscape Commission


Taking into account contemporary expectations and needs of international science as well as scientific ambitions of the Authors, Editors of “Dissertations of the Cultural Landscape Commission” have decided to enhance the formula of the scientific journal. It will be released in bilingual form (English and Polish /double column) from January 2018. The journal will published in a new layout and each article will have the DOI number. 24 articles annually are planned.

We would like to inform that we are currently taking texts for the first volumes of the new version of our journal which will be published in 2018. If you are interested, do not hesitate to send us your texts in Polish which will be translated (by the authors) into English after positive reviews and corrections.

We hope that the new form of publication as well as the new image of our journal will contribute to the dissemination of research results on the cultural landscape not only in the national but also international dimension. What is more, we hope that it will allow to show the Polish academic achievements abroad as well as it will encourage foreign scientists to publish in our journal. In this way, we are going to strengthen the scientific profile and attractiveness of our publishing house.








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