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The journal "Dissertations of Cultural Landscape Commission" is a journal rated on the list of magazines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education: 13 points

It is issued by the Cultural Landscape Commission of the Polish Geographical Society since 2002. It is addressed primarily to geographers, representing broadly understood human geography (anthropogeography), but also to physical geographers investigating human impact on the geosystem and landscape ecologists, landscape architects and archaeologists, and in smaller also to cultural scientists, natural philosophers or sociologists. The basic distinction and prerequisite for the texts published here is the spatial approach to the analyzed phenomena and processes. Landscape - for the authors of this journal - is an anthropogenically shaped fragment of geographical space, created as a result of the combination of natural and cultural interactions, creating a specific structure, manifesting itself as a regional separateness, perceived as a kind of physiognomy.

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Authors and Readers of the Dissertations of the Cultural Landscape Commission


Taking into account contemporary expectations and needs of international science as well as scientific ambitions of the Authors, Editors of “Dissertations of the Cultural Landscape Commission” have decided to enhance the formula of the scientific journal. It will be released in bilingual form (English and Polish /double column) from January 2018. The journal will published in a new layout and each article will have the DOI number. 24 articles annually are planned.

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